2019 AWI New Jersey Chapter Membership Application

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Membership in AWI New Jersey Chapter as a Manufacturer or Supplier is $200.00 per Calendar year. Individuals can join as Affiliate Members (with abridged rights & privileges) @ $50 per Calendar year. [There is an administrative charge of $30 for payments not sent with Application for Membership] Upon submission of this application (and proof on National AWI membership for Manufacturer Applicants), you will receive an email from the NJAWI Membership Department acknowledging its receipt. Applications & Acknowledgments, on average, take up to 1 month to process. Once your application is approved by the Membership and first year dues are paid in full, any new membership materials will be distributed to you at the next scheduled meeting. Any falsified information provided by the applicant may result in the forfeiture of dues or fees paid and expulsion from membership in the Architectural Woodwork Institute, New Jersey Chapter. Please forward Application and Payment to Dan Smith, Recording Secretary, 840 Broad St Emmaus, PA 18049 or by email to DSmith@amcmillwork.com

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By signing, I hereby certify and attest the information submitted herein to the Architectural Woodwork Institute for application of Membership is correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge