Welcome together as members of a great industry, to declare that the purposes of our Chapter are to:

  • Organize meetings of architectural woodwork operators as an effective agency for expressing our collective voices.

  • Collect and distribute to our members, information on new or improved methods on manufacturing, shipping, and installation of their products.

  • Cultivate an environment of respect and fairness among the members and within our industry, so that we can share our problems and help develop unique solutions to our problems.

  • Promote the use and acceptance of architectural woodwork products, and our members, to architects, contractors, and owners, through networking, education,and service.

  • Collect, along with the AWI National, business metrics from our members, and other sources, in order that the economic & intrinsic value of the architectural millwork manufacturing industry may by accurately show cased and made known to the general public.

  • Stimulate the progress and development of the architectural woodwork industry, through our sharing of new & improved manufacturing methods,along with new types and uses of the woodworker’s product.